Shrimp Sizing


: U/10 = Extra Colossal,
: U/15 = Colossal
: 16/20 = Extra Jumbo,
: 21/25 = Jumbo
: 26/30 = Extra Large
: 31/35 = Large
: 36/40 = Medium Large
: 41/50 = Medium
: 51/60 = Small Size : ===== Saladshrimp =====
: Average Number of Shrimp
: ==Size===Per Portion(en)===Per 5 lb. box
: 31/35--------8----------155 to 175
: 31/40--------9----------155 to 200
: 36/40--------10---------180 to 200
: 41/50--------12---------205 to 250
: 51/60--------14---------255 to 300
: 61/70--------16---------305 to 450
: 71/90--------20---------355 to 450
: 91/110-------24---------455-550
======================Quelle====================== -- Erfasst Rk*
03.10.02 von -- H.W. Hans Kuntze, Cmc Shrimp is/are sold by size.
Shrimp sizes are expressed in counts per pound or per kilogram. For
example, 16/20 means 16 to 20 shrimp per pound. This is for *headless*
shrimp only. Larger sizes are designated by the term *under* or
abbreviated as (U/, Un/) These are expressed as U/10, for example.
Other large sizes are U/12 and U/l5. At the other end of the scale,
*/ov* is used to indicate count over. For example, 70/ov means 70 and
over shrimp per pound. The smaller the count, the larger the size of
the shrimp, and generally, the higher the price. Small sizes of shrimp,
like coldwater cooked and peeled, will have counts ranging from
100/200, 200/300, etc.

When purchasing shrimp, getting an accurate count is very important.
The count must fall within the range stated on the label.

Sizes are sometimes expressed as names instead of numbers, such as
jumbo, large and medium. Although names are widely used, there is no
official guideline on what those names signify. If a name is used,
particularly at retail, it must be accompanied by the number of shrimp
per pound, i.e., the count. The number system is preferred.

Counts are different when applied to peeled and/or cooked shrimp.
The term *finished count* refers to the actual number of peeled shrimp
per pound in the package. Another term, *peeled from* count, refers to
the count per pound of the shrimp prior to peeling. Although these
sizes of shrimp are often referred to as "small" shrimp.

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