Biltong Homesick South Africa

   Top Sirloin Butt
   Salt Peter (Available from Chemist)
   Baking Soda
   Apple Cider Vinegar
   Brown Sugar
   Rock Salt
   Ground Black Pepper
   Worstershire Sauce
   Coriander (Scorched)
   Seasoning to taste
   Biltong Box

The following recipe is for curing approximately 10 pounds of beef.
Do not use any metal during the initial curing of the meat as the salt
will react with the metal leaving a bad taste. Use plastic, glass or
earthenware containers. Assemble all necessary ingredients before

Step One Scorch the coriander: Heat a large iron skillet to a medium
heat and add 1 1/2 cups of coriander. Stir and mash the seeds with a
potato masher until seeds are brown.

Take off heat then place coriander in a cloth and use rolling pin to
crush the seeds further. Or use a mortar and pestle Step two Use a 10
pound piece of Top Sirloin Butt (this is a US Cut).

Wash meat and Remove excess fat, sinew and connective material Step
Three Cut sirloin with the grain into 10 inch strips that are around
1/2 to 1 inch thick Step Four Spray strips of meat using a
mister/plastic spray bottle that is filled with solution of pure apple
cider vinegar mixed in with a shot of Worstershire sauce (say 1
teaspoon per 2cups) . Make sure to completely cover all the meat
surfaces. Squeeze meat to remove excess vinegar.

Step Five Immediately following the misting of meat roll the strip into
the Biltong curing dry spices. Make sure you cover meat completely
Curing dry spices 2 Cups of brown sugar (Well broken up) 2 Cups of
Rock Salt (Kosher) 3 Teaspoons Salt Peter 4 Teaspoons of Baking Soda
1/2 of the scorched coriander (Husks and all) Step 6 Let meat sit and
"cure" for 5-7 hours in the refrigerator.
The timing is variable based on size of strips and amount of salting
material. During this period the meat will draw in the spices and
vinegar. Put meat strips in a large bowl and make sure that you have
something in the bottom so the meat will not sit in the extra blood.
I use a colander inside a bowl or a plastic Tupperware cover. I also
remove the colander to pout out the drained blood a couple of times in
the first 15 minutes or so.

Step 7 Heat up your tap water as hot as it will get. Fill another large
bowl with this hot tap water and add approximately (works for the size
of bowl I have) one cup of apple cider.

Step 8 Immediately take a strip the meat and plunge into the hot
vinegar solution. Wash off all the salt and spices and then squeeze
meat to dry - remove as much of the cleaning solution as possible.
Once the rinse becomes to dirty to use make up a new batch. (2-3)
batches per 10 pounds. After rinsing spray the meat once more with a
100% vinegar spray. Leave the meet on a paper towel to soak up the
extra liquid.

Step 9 Add any seasoning spices you may choose. Keep in mind that you
do not want to overpower the taste of the meat. This is a matter of
personal taste here is what I use: I make a mixture up that contains
the rest of the coriander passed through a sieve to keep most of the
husks out.

To this freshly scorched coriander powder I add Garlic flakes, Ground
Black Pepper, Cavender's Greek Spice, Peri- Peri. I kind of güss at
proportions. The Coriander powder and Pepper making up the bulk. I put
this into a shaker and lightly apply. If I run out I do a few with just

Step 10 Insert untwisted paper clip to hang meat. Hang meat in biltong
box. Make sure each bit hangs free and dös not touch the side or any
other piece if they are touching mold will follow soon.

Making the Biltong Box; I made this one out of plywood. Cut holes in
the bottom where the lamp is and at the top to help air flow. These
holes I double covered with a plastic screen to keep out insects. I put
doweling in at the top to hand the biltong on. I put a removable shelf
in to protect the lamp. Dimensions 27 x 17 inches. Shelf is 8 1/2
inches from bottom. I live in the humid south so in summer I need to
keep a open bowl of baking soda to help keep the box dry. I use a 75
watt bulb. Cost of plywood and other hardware around 40$.

Step 11 Wait 3-7 days When the biltong is dry cut up and eat.

Smaller bits take less time than the larger thicker ones. If unsure cut
one up and check.

Storage Keep biltong in brown paper bags in fridge or store whole or
cut up in plastic bags in freezer.

Mold I live in the humid south and things mold very quickly. To help
counteract that I wash meat then rub with a vinegar soaked cloth before
cutting. I put a open bowl of bicarbonate of soda in the biltong box.
The biltong box is kept inside the house. You can also cut the bits
thinner or make less at one time. You may want to increase the wattage
of your bulb. If you get a little bit of mold wipe immediately with a
vinegar soaked cloth and rehang. If mold sets the biltong will never
dry and get very smelly. Discard!

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