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Bisquits can be made in two different ways, either with the biscuit
method, kind of like piedough, or by creaming. Creaming uses less fat
but has eggs. The biscuit method uses no, or very little egg.
The texture will be determined by how you mix it, the type of flour and
the handling after mixing. Using bakingpowder or soda is determined
whether you use buttermilk, or not.

The percentages for the biscuit method biscuits are as follows:

100 % Flour A/P (for chewy, add a little breadflour) 40 % Butter (or
Butter and Crisco mixed) 50-60% Milk (or buttermilk-use some soda) up
to 10% Eggs (the more eggs, the less liquid) About 1 ounce of baking
powder per pound of flour About a 1/4 ounce of salt per pond of flour A
little sugar for browning and flavor, about one ounce per pound of
flour To make the biscuits, cut the butter into the flour (the less
you mix, the flakier). Sift the flour with the baking powder, cut in
the butter.I usually cut till the butter is pea-size, large peas, not
petit pois. The eggs, milk and sugar are twirled together and added,
just until the dough pulls together. Put on the bench and fold 5-6
times over itself, flattening each time until you feel the gluten
developing. This will give the flakey layers. Pat the dough into the
thickness you need and cut them out. Place closely together on baking
sheet, brush with eggwash and bake in a hot oven, 425-450F for 15 to 25
minutes, depending on thickness and size. The more you have kneaded the
dough after the addition of milk, the tougher the biscuits will be

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